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Trevin Antwan Bass


Trevin Antwan Bass

Signed up March 23, 2022

“Stand for something or fall for anything “one of the many quotes I chose to live my life by. Never wanting to give up no matter how many times I attempted I couldn’t allow the obstacles I faced to stop me from finishing with what I started. Attending college was no different. Since 2009
I was determined to get my degree. I am at my final stretch of graduating to now run into the obstacle again of finances, here’s where you can help me make a difference. I do not have financial aid and I’ve been paying out my pocket. I owe more than the asking amount but I have maxed out all my credit cards just for this months bill of 697.00 a month . All funds will be used for tuition and fees .
I am
Truly grateful for your assistance in advance.

Thanks everyone who’d believed in me through out these tough years.

God bless



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The Final Stretch

by Trevin Antwan Bass
Assistance need to finish college, All resources has been exhausted, I've paid oop but my payment plan of 695.00 a month has became costly
4% $150 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 9, 2022