Sponsor 4 Success


Define Your Campaign


What is your purpose?

The most imporant part of running a successful campaign is to understand why you are asking people for money. Once you have defined your purpose the next step is to transfer it to the registration form.

Complete all sections of the registration form

  • Name - Use your name, organization, destination, or purpose in the title.
  • About - Tell your story. Who are you? What have you done? What do you intend to do? Be as detailed as possible.
  • Badge - Summarize in a couple of sentences what was written in the "About." Use words like "help" "support" or "contribution."

Registration Form Part 2

  • Location - Choose the city you currently live in.
  • Category - Education, Sports, Arts etc.
  • Picture or Video - Upload a high quality picture of yourself or organization or a video up to 60 seconds.

Registration Form Part 3

  • Campaign Strategy - All donations are kept
  • Duration - Allow yourself enough time to raise money. Max 90 days.
  • Amount - Be specific about how much money you need. Don't go over.