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Help Ayana attend the Envision Advanced Medicine Program at John Hopkins University

by Ayana Bivens
I have been interested in the medical field from a very young age. This is a tremendous learning opportunity for me.
51% $1,125 Open
Funded Contributed Oct 11, 2021

Help Kylee reach her dreams!

by Kylee Cambric
Going to college has a been a dream for years! With my mom being a single mom there are some expenses we cannot cover.
11% $200 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 15, 2021

PharmD Student Needing Help With College Cost

by Jakiya Adams
Help is needed to Graduate School this fall 2021.
1% $40 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 11, 2021

Summer Literacy Academy for Sanaa

by Anita Crawford
Sanaa is a struggling reader and NTI learning has not been ideal for her as a 2nd grader.
111% $615 Funded
Funded Contributed May 24, 2021

Can't give up now!

by Stephanie Tolbert
Help to finish my senior year in college.
4% $170 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 22, 2021

Support ETS Junior Braid School's Expansion

by Chyna Bradley
ETS Junior Braid School, a 501c3 nonprofit, for students ages 10-17, needs help with furniture, equipment and technology to expand.
51% $1,140 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 22, 2020

Isaiah Estus Newberry's 2nd year at Lindsey Wilson College

by isaiah estus newberry
I am a sophomore and study Psychophysiology at Lindsey Wilson College. I need your help to stay in school.
77% $1,700 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 30, 2020

My last 31 hours at Western Kentucky

by Asia
My name is Asia Brown, a senior at Western Kentucky University. Please help me get registered for my final year.
140% $1,225 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 27, 2020

Cello for Autumn

by Stephanie Williamson
Help Keep Autumn on Track
73% $700 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 4, 2020

Help Donovan Succeed at Trinity High School

by Rebecca Helm
Help Donovan continue his love for music and learning!
103% $1,870 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 22, 2020

Elijah Stinnett

by Karly Stinnett
Help me continue my love of playing music and to be a successful student at Trinity High School.
118% $1,435 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 28, 2020

Youth about business for Dorian

by Dorian hearne
#youthaboutbusiness #DorianHearne
100% $550 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 17, 2020
100% $1,000 Funded
Funded Contributed Apr 7, 2020

Annual Central High School Alumni Give Back - Scholarships

by Jamie D Fisher
Annual CHS Alumni Give-Back: Career Day & Scholarships
55% $825 Funded
Funded Contributed Dec 5, 2019

LaJuan's Educational 8th grade Trip to St. Louis

by ebonique burns
LaJuan's Educational 8th grade Trip to St. Louis, $700 Goal
128% $900 Funded
Funded Contributed Dec 9, 2019

Aspiring Esthetician at Ogle School

by Braelyn Bowles
Support my dreams tbecome an Esthetician so that I can graduate Ogle in January of 2020.
0% $10 0 sec
Funded Contributed To Go

Aspiring Public Relations Major Looking to Study Abroad

by Kennedy Thompson
My aspiration is to study abroad, in the Netherlands January 2020 to study public relations at The Hague Univ. Spring of January 2020
49% $1,091 Funded
Funded Contributed Jan 1, 2020

Trae, Singing At Carnegie Hall!

by Margaret D Demaree
Being able to attend this trip will help me continue the educational legacy my mom set for me to become a successful young man.
102% $2,360 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 4, 2019

Support Quinton at the Northwest Railroad Institute

by Quinton Bennett
Support my dreams and ambitions to attend the Northwest Railroad Institute
99% $5,450 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 2, 2019

Operation Hope Unity Trip To Memphis

by Community connections group
40 At Risk Boys To Civil Rights Museum July 12-14
46% $2,550 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 11, 2019