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Upgrading Technology At Coleridge-Taylor Elementary

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Upgrading Technology At Coleridge-Taylor Elementary

From Ms Cottone

It's What They Deserve

My students need this technology because they deserve an interactive education! Flat Panel Displays can take a lesson to a whole new level with visual elements.

My Students

Head Start promotes the school readiness of young children from low-income families through agencies in their local community. Head Start and Early Head Start programs support the comprehensive development of children from birth to age 5, in centers, child care partner locations, and in their own homes. Head Start services include early learning, health, and family well-being.

Our school is located in an urban area of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.
Most of my students live within walking distance from the school. Although our classroom is funded by Head Start we are housed in a Montessori Public School; many of our students transition into the Montessori program when they move on to kindergarten.

My Project

Currently, if I want to show my students a video it has to be on my laptop. Fifteen children have to crowd around my 13" computer screen. They listen from a tiny blue speaker that I brought from home. When I adopted our classroom it did not have any kind of interactive whiteboard. There is currently not enough money in our budget for one to be purchased in the foreseen future.

When my kids wake up and come to school they deserve to have up to date materials.
My students love to sing and dance, if I want to teach them anything I put it into a song. My kiddos LOVE Jack Hartman videos, which focus on math and literacy concepts. It would be so amazing for everyone to be able to SEE and HEAR these videos during our whole group experiences.

This resource would also enhance our Morning Meeting portion of the day. Research shows that Morning Meetings enhance student vocabulary and confidence with group speaking.

Please help me to show these kids that learning can be fun!

Ms Cottone
Coleridge-Taylor Elementary