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S4S Ky Derby Charity Event

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S4S Ky Derby Charity Event

Sponsor 4 Success was established in 2015 to engage as a dedicated long-term community partner in solving the socioeconomic disparities impacting under-served communities. Our vision is to develop a giving network of professional business and civic leaders committed to our mission. We utilize crowd-funding technology with social media marketing tools to offer families, youth, and communities financial resources outside the traditional scholarship and grant calendar. Since we have started, we have raised more than $60,000 directly impacting 250 kids, young adults, and senior citizens. Our donor-sponsors make contributions directly to individual campaigns on our website and we address the following community needs:

need for child participation in education programs
need for youth development through after-school programs
need to keep aspiring talented youth upward bound
need to support academic and religious organizations that service the community
need to increase citizen and community engagement

We invite you to help further the mission by investing in the futures of kids, young adults and citizens in under-served communities. Many recipients have returned to tell us what a critical part our awards have played in their lives. The return on your investment is rewarding, but the long-term benefits that keep individuals on the path toward success is priceless.

Our capital campaign, The Annual S4S Kentucky Derby Charity Event, is organized to help increase the number of awards and to match donor giving throughout the year. We look forward to you joining us Friday May 4th, 2018 at the University of Louisville Alumni Building. Our premier event will honor past recipients, and introduce our network of donors, sponsors and partners to new ones. Your support can be donated here on this campaign or by sending a check to Sponsor 4 Success / 13901 Midway Road 102-171, Dallas, TX 75244.

Thank you for your support!

Sponsor 4 Success