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Road to Success

My name is Ryan Mowbray, I'm a 19 year old African American male. I live in the Newburg area of Louisville, Ky. Newburg is known for it's high poverty rate, drug abuse issues, and the extremely high crime rate. If it was not for my high school family I would have been one of Newburg's statistic. .

With the idea I had to become more I have to say that my high school family has said before helped guide me to become more. My high school band director is currently taking care of me. She has taking care of me from sheltering, clothing, and feeding me as well. She has been there for me financially, especially for my first year of college. I can't always depend on her for finances while she and here family go through their own things in life.

That's why I am here asking for others help. Love my family and those who help me and I truly just want to become successful and teach those who has been in this similar spot to have the guidance like I have experienced. I want to say thank you to everyone and those who has helped me already.