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Pursuing a career as an LPN!

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Pursuing a career as an LPN!

My name is Deairess Miller and i am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am originally from Des Moines, IA. I moved here in April of 2015 hoping to start a new life. I worked as a CNA and a customer service representative up until October of 2016 whenI decided to study for my career. I recently graduated from ATA College with my associates in Practical Nursing in May. In order to obtain my LPN I have to take my state boards (NCLEX). Unfortunately I've come across hard times. This is due to us having to move and not having any family support to stay with while we are in between houses. Because of that we are paying $400 a week to stay in Woodspring suits. So far we have been there about 4 weeks totaling $1600. I haven't been able to start the process to take my test. This has also put me behind on multiple bills including paying for school which is up to $237 now and my childcare which is over $400 that i am behind. So as you can see, not having a support system and everything else this is very heavy on my shoulders. I know that once I obtain my LPN at least I can start to dig out of this hole i am in. I hope that you all can help me because i really have no one else to turn to. My family back home is only able to help here and there for they have families as well.