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Projector for Ms Hadorn's PreK - 2nd

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Successfully funded on October 31, 2017
Projector for Ms Hadorn's PreK - 2nd

From Ms Hadorn of Coleridge-Taylor Elementary

My Students

Our students truly bring a ray of sunshine into the classroom. Majority of our students live in walking distance from Coleridge Taylor. Coleridge Taylor is located in the west end of downtown Louisville. Many students in this area are living at or below the poverty line, coming from challenging backgrounds, broken homes, and through it all they are such wholesome and happy kids. We are an Early Childhood classroom.

Our goal is to not only prepare students for Kindergarten readiness skills, but also grow in all aspects of development.This includes academically, socially, self help skills, emotionally, physically and so on. These kids deserve so much. Some of them have been through harder things than I will ever know or experience. Keep in mind, these are 3,4,&5 year olds. Please help me in enriching the education they DESERVE.

Having a projector in our room will make a HUGE difference. Currently, the only thing we have to watch any form of video, song, picture/display, etc. is by my laptop. We all huddle on the carpet and get REAL cozy as my laptop sits on a shelf. As you can imagine the, "I can't see!" and "Ow!" and "If you're in the back row you can get on your knees." are very common phrases heard during this time. This has gotten us by, but is really inhibiting their learning. There is SO much more we could do if we had the space a projector would allow us. ALL children would be able to see the picture projected on the wall. This projector also comes with speakers built in to it. This would be great!! Right now the only sound I can give them is what my laptop gives me. Whenever we are learning a new letter, we watch interactive songs to help these little one engage in their learning. They LOVE watching Jack Hartman. Students in early childhood are not given special areas. This projector would allow as a great material for music as well. If anytime during holiday parties we could watch movies using the projector. This projector is more than just an enhancement to their learning. They deserve to know that when they come to school they are given the BEST.

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Thank you.

Ms Hadorn