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Operation Hope Unity Trip To Memphis

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Operation Hope Unity Trip To Memphis

Greetings! Community Connections Group and Radio Show a 501c3 non-profit organization is very proud to announce a life changing trip to the National Civil Rights Museum. The Operation Hope Unity Trip will be held at the Historic Lorraine Motel where Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed. There will also be other stops at historical African American sites throughout Memphis, TN. We will be providing dinner, transportation and hotel accommodations for 40 at risk children from the California, Russell, West Louisville and Portland communities.
Peace, love and respect are key qualities that are missing in the role models that our children follow today. With June setting the pace for the summer, it is critical for us to find a way to introduce these qualities into the life of at risk children and at the same time reward those who are achieving at high levels. This trip would achieve these goals. Martin Luther King Jr, a wonderful role model, has recently been reduced to just one day in January and about one page in the history books. He deserves more and our children deserve more. Please help us expose these children to an unforgettable and life changing spring break they otherwise would not be able to afford.