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McKenzies’ back on The Diamond

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McKenzies’ back on The Diamond

Hello My name is McKenzie Trowel. I’m a 6th grader at the Grace M. James Academy of Excellence. I love reading, arts & craft, and doing blogs.
I decided that I wanted to get fit and what better way, that to pick up My bat and glove again. I’ll be playing on the Jr. League in Lyndon Recreational Association,I’ve played before, and really liked it.
My Dad always would say, McKenzie they need You out there on the field, when We’d go to My little Brothers game’s.
My Dad know longer with Us, he’s Our Guardian Angel. Only if He was here to see Me now on the field. But, I’ll do My best though. I really would like to attend Louisville Ott Baseball along side My Brother. To get some pointers from the Coaches there. They have all played college level, and seem to know their stuff. This sure would be one of many dreams of mine. As a Girl on a mission!