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Chestnut Street Family YMCA Black Achievers Headed On A College Tour

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Chestnut Street Family YMCA Black Achievers Headed On A College Tour

The Louisville Black Achieves Program has been sending students on college tours for many years.

Students offer some of the top reasons to take a college tour:

  1. You won’t really know how you feel about a place until you’ve been there. A college catalog, view book, or website can only show you so much.

  2. The college information sessions and the campus tours will give you a much better idea of what the college is like and if you would be happy there.

  3. A small investment in time now can save significant time, money, and hassles during the during the college application period.

  4. You’ll get a sense of the college’s vibrancy, character, and facilities. Visits will provide you with a more complete picture.

  5. College tours allow students to ask questions, meet other prospective students and understand the college on a deeper level.

  6. How you feel about schools once you visit in person may affect the direction your college search and application process takes. College visits help you to refine your search.

  7. Applying to college is a complex process and visits to campuses will serve you best if you use them as a research tool, rather than a final decision/making aid.

  8. Time, energy and money are finite resources and you want to use them wisely throughout the application process. First-hand knowledge you intend to apply to will help you to clarify your vision and narrow your list

  9. Most colleges love students who are sincerely interested and visiting colleges is one way to show this.
    You want to be able to relax and make a fully informed choice once you have been accepted. If you’ve already visited those schools at least once, that’s just what you will be able to do

S4S is looking to sponsor 2 students on a tour to colleges in the Carolina's, April 3-7. The total cost for 2 students including fees is $770.

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