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Leadership Program Tuition Support for Min Son

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Leadership Program Tuition Support for Min Son


My name is Min Son, a mom of four young children all under age of 10, living in Louisville, Kentucky. This is my first time imploring donors to invest in a person like me. I am a dependable, responsible, and hardworking mom who tries her best everyday to keep hopes alive and to live for the intrinsic values.

I became a stay-at-home mom when I gave birth to my third child. My family was relying on one source of income , which was my husband’s, at the time. My husband started a manufacturing company in 2015. The company was struggling and fell flat on the ground. My husband and I have been under a financial stress as a result of that. Poverty did not elude my family. We were in crisis. We decided to ask for help to keep our children well fed and medically insured. Now, my family is the SNAP beneficiary. However, a thought of getting out of poverty and having a prosperous life has been always on top of my mind. Looking back three years ago, I was fortuitously reached out by the director of Globalization in the midst of going through depression. I volunteered my time to learn about the city through the Louisville Welcome Academy and I was recognized as the city connector for the korean immigrant community. The city provided me opportunities like leadership programs unconditionally. That opportunity led me to the Focus Louisville program at the Leadership Louisville Center. It was an opportunity to reinvent myself: what am I good at? What can I help? Through various programs at the Leadership Louisville Center, I discovered that I do genuinely care and love the people. I do want to see them grow and thrive because it is helping me as well. Then, how can I help people grow and thrive in the city? So, I applied for the Bingham Fellows Program at the Leadership Louisville Center to learn, hone my skills , and take action. I received the acceptance letter with a scholarship of $2100. But I still need assistance in paying $2310 by December 20th, 2019 in order to participate and pursue my dreams. An opportunity to represent the aspects of the immigrant community as a Korean immigrant female. This is about doing the work that’s meaningful and significant.

In addition, The Bingham Fellows Class of 2020 will gather influential leaders to study what it means to be a top-tier city and the steps we as a city must undertake to get there. The class will take a meaningful look at the data, study issues of revenue and spending, explore what’s happening with philanthropy in our community, and review what other cities have learned about growth. Please help me take on the challenge of moving us into action.

I am important and I matter to my community.

Simply put, to educate women and girls is to reduce poverty.

I am very grateful to be part of this wonderful fabric of community, where people contribute for a greater good. Thank you.