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Kevin Jackson College Support

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Successfully funded on September 15, 2017
Kevin Jackson College Support

Friends and family of Kevin Jackson,

We all know and love him! He has made a huge decision to go back to school to finish his college degree. Kevin is entering his sophomore year majoring in marketing with a minor in entrepreneurship. It is anticipated that nearly 20% of college students enrolled will be over the age of 35. And,while this is a growing trend, it's not an easy decision for most adults due to many factors:

They worry that they don't have good study skills.
They think they don't have time for it.
They don't think they can afford to go to school because of other financial commitments.
They may be intimidated by the college environment and worried about feeling isolated.
They often have to juggle career, family, and school responsibilities.

So, we applaud Kevin for having the courage to go back to school and pursue his dreams. And we want to be there to support him along the way.

As mentioned above there is a huge financial commitment in returning to school. It puts an extreme burden on the bank account. Therefore S4S wants to help Kevin with some basic school supplies and necessities that will give him additional tools to help him succeed (i.e. laptop, folders, notebooks, binders, planners, etc.)

We are raising $550 to help cover the cost and help keep Kevin on the path toward success.

We thank you in advance for your contribution!

Team S4S