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Jamesha's Music Tour To Europe With Kentucky Ambassadors

A campaign by Butch Mosby

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Successfully funded on February 23, 2018
Jamesha's Music Tour To Europe With Kentucky Ambassadors
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  • Adrienne February 17, 2018

    What a great opportunity! I hope you enjoy your trip!

  • The Gie Family February 16, 2018

    We Love everything you do Butch Mosby !! Have Fun Jamesha, I am sure you will been amazing xx

  • Derek Babbage February 16, 2018

    Great job Butch.

  • February 14, 2018

    Wishing Jamesha the best on this opportunity!

  • Gwendolyn Kelly February 2, 2018

    Does Jamesha go to Western Middle School (west end) or Western High School (south end)??

  • Sam lisa henley January 21, 2018

    Good luck, rock on!

  • Valerie Coleman-Page January 11, 2018

    Hey Butch! A favor to ask: would you mind keeping my donation anonymous to the public? Thx. Also, please let Jamesha know that I would be happy to be a resource to her should she decide to continue on tuba as a profession. (There are quite a few successful brothers and sisters out there playing the instrument!) xo Valerie

  • mighty mites January 11, 2018

    Go Jamesha!