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Isaiah Estus Newberry's 2nd year at Lindsey Wilson College

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Isaiah Estus Newberry's 2nd year at Lindsey Wilson College

Hi, my name is Isaiah Newberry and I am a sophomore at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky. I am majoring in psychophysiology so I can build a career of being a resource for student-athletes to balance the physical and mental demands of sports in order to accomplish their dreams. I earned a partial Wrestling scholarship to attend school. However, when I realized that I would need additional financial support, I decided to also join the cheerleading team where I could access an additional scholarship. However, despite my attempts to meet my financial needs, I still had a balance of $4,500 before I could return to school for the Fall Semester. To overcome this obstacle, I worked very hard this summer to pay down my school debt, reached out to family and friends, and negotiated a partial payment that allowed me to begin classes this past Friday. Although I am so thankful that I was able to begin classes, my future in school is contingent upon me paying my balance of $2,000 by October, or I will be removed from
classes and my efforts will be in vain. As one of 6 kids, my parents have done everything that they can to help me and my siblings reach our goals. I am doing everything in my power to obtain my degree and be an example to other students and my siblings to persevere and make a way when things look bleak. Your help will allow me to continue on my educational journey. Any amount that you can contribute, makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for your time and consideration!!