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Help Vic support a young girl in need

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Help Vic support a young girl in need

S4S is teaming up with Vic Sandusky, local banker, businessman, and entrepreneur in the west end, Louisville, Ky. The challenge is to rescue a young 20 year old girl from a not so pleasant environment. Mr. Sandusky has taken it upon himself to insure this young lady turns out to be a success story and we want to support him.

This young lady, who for the time being will remain anonymous, is on the right path toward success. However, she currently lives in a toxic environment where there is a high rate of substance abuse. Our goal at S4S is to help Vic get started helping with raising enough funds for temporary housing, transportation to and from work, and basic needs (foods, toiletries, etc.)

We will start off with a $500 campaign, raise to $750, then $1,000 and monitor the success as we go.

This will be an all out community effort and urgency is necessary.

If you can support, let's knock this out together!

S4S - let's get it!