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Help S4S Support The Students In Jefferson County

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Help S4S Support The Students In Jefferson County

S4S is not a political organization and we do not engage in politics. Our mission is to financially support individuals, mostly students, in under-served communities in Louisville Kentucky. Recent political decisions have put a strain on resources affecting students in areas that we serve.

We have decided to raise funds to help fill in the gaps where money may have been lost for students. Once funds are raised we will work with teachers to help distribute to students in the form of food, supplies, equipment etc. Cash will not be given to any teacher or student unless it is absolutely necessary, reviewed and approved by the board of directors.

This is a Sponsor 4 Success sponsored campaign and we are independent and not affiliated with JCPS, KEC, JCTA, or any other organizations.

Thank you for your donations in advance!

Team S4S