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Help Ayana attend the Envision Advanced Medicine Program at John Hopkins University

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Help Ayana attend the Envision Advanced Medicine Program at John Hopkins University

Hello! My name is Ayana Bivens. I am a Junior at Louisville Male High School. It has been my lifelong passion to become a pediatrician. I want to help inspire young black children to let them know that they can achieve what they may think is impossible for them. With that being said eventually after medical school I want to build up my own pediatrics practice that will be accessible specifically to underserved communities. My absolute dream medical school is John Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. This past summer, I got the chance to attend the Envision Medical Program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I had an amazing experience. I got to learn how to do sutures, do phlebotomy, take vitals and so much more. I made amazing friends and future colleagues that I hope to see again one day. Next year I have the same opportunity to attend the Advanced Program at John Hopkins University. There I will have exposure to true to life simulations, interactive medical school visits, learning wound care and surgical techniques. I will also be experiencing dorm life as we will be staying on John Hopkins campus. With your contribution this program will give me unparalleled opportunities into the medical field In total this program is $3,945 (excluding airfare and transportation fees). Beginning on October 1st the deposit of $499 is due. After that every 15th of the leading months a payment of $509.29 will need to be paid. If you feel comfortable with making a direct donation to my Envision account on my behalf.