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Family Fun Math Explosion 2019!

A campaign by West Louisville Math and Science Project

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Family Fun Math Explosion 2019!

West Louisville Math and Science Project is a community initiative to build skills in math, science and literacy among African-American children in Louisville, KY. It was established in March of 2011 in an effort to encourage the community to become more meaningfully involved in the education of African-American children.

Family Fun Math Explosion is an activity based math event that provides an atmosphere of high energy and fun for families to spend time learning together. The event is non-intimidating and allows families to learn how to guide their children through various math tasks. It allows families to identify how their children learn. Families gain more confidence in their ability to become one of their child's most important teachers.

Family Fun Math Explosion involves 40 - 60 elementary school level math activities with a one to one ratio between volunteer and participant. Annually, we are blessed to have 60 - 80 volunteers whose task it is to familiarize, review or teach various math concepts to children who arrive at their stations.

We need your help in order to provide the one on one time, which increases the likelihood of success for participants. Because of the number of activities, the number of volunteers and the focus that is placed on each participant, we are in need of funds for the following:

  • Rental: Tables (27) and Chairs (120)
  • Food for 80 volunteers
  • Food for 200 family members
  • Supplies and materials for activities

Your donation will help tremendously in allowing us to meet our objectives, which are to:

1). help build confidence in children and help them make connections to math in everyday life
2). provide families with the tools they need to actively participate in math activities with their children; and
3). build a support system of neighbors who recognize the importance of math and actively participate in cultivating such a system

Thanks for your consideration.