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Dontrese's Road to College Success

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Dontrese's Road to College Success

My name is Dontrese Brown and I have been accepted to Shasta College in Redding California. I will be leaving my hometown, Louisville, KY to further my academics and pursue my dreams of playing football. The money will go towards my books, my schooling and my flight to get to California.

I grew up living a struggled life. First, I never lasted a full year at 1 school, no matter the grade. Every year I had to find new "friends" to get comfortable with which is hard for me because when I get around new people I don't really talk to people, especially if I didn't know them. Then there was the times where my mother and I would always move to a new place almost every 3-4 months. There was a point where we moved to Ohio for 2 1/2 years because we wanted to try something new but didn't like it so we moved all the way back. There was never a time we could actually get comfortable with our surroundings and it was hurting my mother mentally and financially to the point where we didn't eat. It really hurt me to see my mother struggling this bad to take care of me and my little brother. My older brothers were already out doing their own thing. Day by day I saw my mother struggle and it hurt.

Then, I saw her cry for the first time. After that I told her to her face that I would make it out so she wouldn't have to struggle any more because after all she has done for me and my brothers she needs that break. So ever since then I have been working the hardest I could with football and academics.

Then, on June 7th 2017, my daughter Zariyah Nyree Brown was born and now that she's here I have literally been working the hardest I ever could to take care of my family. I refuse to let anyone hold me back now and California is the first step of my journey to keep my dreams alive and making them into a reality.

Your support is appreciated!