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Asia Brown, for Miss Black Western Kentucky

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Asia Brown, for Miss Black Western Kentucky

Hello! My name is Asia Brown. I'll be participating in the Miss Black Western Pageant at Western Kentucky University, where I am currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in Social Work with a minor in public health. The Miss Black Western Pageant was created to provide an opportunity for African American students to have the opportunity to experience a crown to represent the university, since the university was not selecting any African Americans for Homecoming. My campaign is to raise $300 for the pageant. I would appreciate your support by giving a donation in any amount to help me reach my goal.

More about Asia Brown:
I was raised in a single parent home by my mother. I LOVE working with children! My dream is to become a Social Worker and work with children who are going through/have been through similar experiences as myself. This is my #1 goal! Some of these experiences include being homeless when my Mother wasn’t able to pay bills. I had to watch her struggle and get government help to survive and take care of me. I realized that I have the natural ability to listen and guide others that come to me when they need help. This experience has led me to also pursue being a mentor to children.

My hobbies include helping people, volunteering at my church, babysitting, and shopping when I have the time.

Being crowned Ms. Black Western is important to me because it shows that anyone can win no matter where you come from or what you experience in life. Moreover, it will show I am the example of how a young African American woman can overcome socioeconomic struggles by achieving academically and striving to be a positive impact to society.