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Asia Blanton's trip to Washington

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Asia Blanton's trip to Washington

Thank you, Sponsor 4 Success for taking the time to read my request. I have been offered the opportunity to go to Washington D.C May 30th through June 2nd. The money will cover admissions, flights, and food. I will be traveling with Murray High School’s organization Leadership Tomorrow. This organization is designed to cultivate and nurture high school students to become leaders in the community, state, and world. What better place to become more of a leader and advocate than Washington D.C.

I’m 16, a junior at Murray High School, I have a 3.4 grade point average. a 21 ACT score. My mother has worked hard so I can have a bright future. It pains me to know she has to struggle to pay for my extracurriculars. She stresses the importance of education, experience, and culture.
Being a first-generation high student from a family of three siblings in a single parent home. I have outstanding leadership skills. The way I show leadership has been through advocacy. My brother has developmental delays, he is nonverbal. He and I have a developed a way to communicate with each other, we are very close. I have participated in Special Olympics since I was eight years old. My brother and I are unified partners, we compete at regionals for bowling and track. Special Olympics is an opportunity for children and adults with developmental delays to participate in sports and interact with their communities. This past Saturday, I participated in the Polar Plunge. I jumped in the Kentucky Lake and ran a 5k with my brother to raise money for Special Olympics. I went to local business to ask for donations, my brother and I raised $1200. Since my brother is nonverbal, I have taken it upon myself to be his voice. In November, owner of the youth center discriminated against my brother because he is disabled. The owner said people like him weren’t allowed because they are a liability. As a leader I’m able to move passed adversity and make a change. I’m the president of Murray High School’s Youth Activation Committee. This organization is about advocating the youth to promote communities to have respect for people with intellectual disabilities. This Washington trip will enhance my already vast ability to lead and light the fire I have to preserve. I hope I will be considered to receive funding for this Washington D.C. trip. Thank you again, Asia Blanton.