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S4S Recipient - Shawnice Whitfield

S4S Recipient - Shawnice Whitfield
Posted by Butch Mosby on August 18, 2017

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I am currently a senior at the University of Kentucky pursuing a
bachelor’s degree in Health, Society, and Populations with a
concentration in Public Health. I also work as a Resident
Advisor, along with serving as the Parliamentarian with the National
Pan-Hellenic Council, and I am member of both the Phi Sigma Theta
Nationals Honors Society & the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. After
graduating in May 2018, I plan to attend graduate school pursuing a
masters in Public Health.

I was able to study abroad this summer in Tanzania Africa. But only
because of the help I received to cover the expenses; which consisted
of scholarships, personal savings, donations from family, friends &
local businesses, and donors through Sponsor 4 Success!!

Advantages of a Donating to S4S:

  • Give hope to students, athletes, children within under-developed communities.

Give students, athletes, children a chance to experience once in a
lifetime opportunities.

Give students, athletes, children confidence...knowing goals/dreams
can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and support. Support from
within the from S4S!

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1st pic: with students at the local school;
2nd pic: working at the local hospital;
3rd pic: with kids at the local orphanage. Pic below is at the beach at Zanzibar.

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