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Support ETS Junior Braid School's Expansion

by Chyna Bradley
ETS Junior Braid School, a 501c3 nonprofit, for students ages 10-17, needs help with furniture, equipment and technology to expand.
25% $565 18 days
Funded Contributed To Go

Isaiah Estus Newberry's 2nd year at Lindsey Wilson College

by Isaiah Newberry
I am a sophomore and study Psychophysiology at Lindsey Wilson College. I need your help to stay in school.
77% $1,700 10 days
Funded Contributed To Go
College Support

Assist Mekale Buckner at Kentucky Wesleyan College

by Mekale Buckner
A 3.8 GPA, Fairdale High School graduate, student athlete needs help his first year of college
64% $1,290 9 days
Funded Contributed To Go
College Support

Chase Dean and The University Of The Arts

by Chase Dean
Help Chase continue at The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, PA.
180% $900 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 7, 2020

My last 31 hours at Western Kentucky

by Asia
My name is Asia Brown, a senior at Western Kentucky University. Please help me get registered for my final year.
140% $1,225 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 27, 2020

TaKobey Scott to Carolina Basketball Academy

by Tiffany Gibson-McAdory
Help get TaKobey to Carolina Basketball Academy
75% $1,360 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 24, 2020
College Support

Technology for an Opportunity

by Justin
I am studying Ad Design and need better Technology for School
14% $310 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 15, 2020

Cello for Autumn

by Stephanie Williamson
Help Keep Autumn on Track
73% $700 Funded
Funded Contributed Sep 4, 2020

Help Donovan Succeed at Trinity High School

by Rebecca Helm
Help Donovan continue his love for music and learning!
103% $1,870 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 22, 2020
College Support

Help Mashayla on Her Way To Howard University

by Mashayla Billups
Help Mashayla on her way to Howard as Class of 2024
107% $2,365 23 days
Funded Contributed To Go
College Support

Nailah's Road to Masters Degree

by Nailah Johnson
Help Nailah get through her master's degree
47% $1,050 5 days
Funded Contributed To Go
College Support

Taliyah Townsend to Howard University

by Taliyah Townsend
Help get Taliyah to Howard Pharmacy School - Class of 2024
67% $1,475 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 20, 2020

Live Streamer Fund

by Butch Mosby
Support live streamers covering the protest in Louisville, Kentucky
83% $1,250 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 27, 2020

Elijah Stinnett

by Karly Stinnett
Help me continue my love of playing music and to be a successful student at Trinity High School.
118% $1,435 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 28, 2020

Youth about business for Dorian

by Dorian hearne
#youthaboutbusiness #DorianHearne
100% $550 Funded
Funded Contributed Jul 17, 2020