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3rd Annual Central High School Give Back Program

by Butch Mosby
Support The Louisville Central High School Alumni Give Back and Career Day!
109% $600 Funded
Funded Contributed Dec 3, 2018

The Louisville Juice Bowl

by Butch Mosby
Support The Historic Juice Bowl
101% $560 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 23, 2018
Senior Citizens

Help Eliza With Dental Work

by Butch Mosby
Medicaid does not pay for dentures making it difficult for seniors to pay out of pocket for dental work. Let's put a smile on Eliza's face!
100% $1,100 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 19, 2018

Cierra Competes In Germany

by LaTanya Collins
Help Cierra travel,compete and play in Germany with her soccer team.
65% $1,450 Funded
Funded Contributed Nov 6, 2018

Foster Elementary - One to One

by Destiny Livers
Help create a more effective learning environment for fifth grade students at Foster Elementary!
27% $615 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 31, 2018

3rd Annual Back To School Drive

by Butch Mosby
Let's raise funds to purchase school supplies for families in under-served parts of Louisville.
100% $1,100 Funded
Funded Contributed Aug 11, 2018

Help Evonne Travel With Her Team

by Scheree Sistrunk-Downing
Help Evonne get to Mississippi with her Dance Team
51% $425 Open
Funded Contributed May 19, 2018

Da' Shana is Headed to Egypt & Israel

by DeShonda Lockhart
Help Da'Shana complete a study abroad program to Egypt & Israel.
36% $600 Open
Funded Contributed May 10, 2018

Track Dynamite to Atlanta International Track Meet

by Track Dynamite
Our goal is to compete at the Atlanta International Relay. Here we will defend and continue to break and set new international records
103% $2,280 Funded
Funded Contributed May 22, 2018

Young Men of Color Expo

by ReShawn Mucker
Please help us raise money for the organization of a much needed event for the young men of color in the west end of Louisville, Ky.
91% $1,010 Funded
Funded Contributed May 15, 2018

Help S4S Support The Students In Jefferson County

by Butch Mosby
Help Support Students In Jefferson County
20% $500 Open
Funded Contributed Mar 30, 2018

Two Teens To Morocco

by Nicole Hayden
Give the gift of education, self empowerment, and confidence to two deserving teens Immaya Q. Hughes and Adriana Badie
54% $1,190 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 21, 2018

Makiah's Educational Tour To Costa Rica

by Tasha King
Makiah will be traveling to Costa Rica with her class to learn more about the Spanish culture and earn additional high school credit.
21% $175 Open
Funded Contributed Mar 8, 2018

Bump, Set, Spike in Orlando!

by Kendria Rice-Locket
Fundraiser for Madison to travel to AAU Volleyball Nationals in Orlando, FL
56% $940 Funded
Funded Contributed May 27, 2018

15 Helmets For PCC Bears Football Team (ages 5-8)

by Angela Masden
PCC Bears needing 15 new football helmets for teams with ages 5-8 to stay in compliance and participate in the 2018 season.
102% $1,275 Funded
Funded Contributed May 4, 2018

Layla's Trip to Capitals of the British Isles

by Layla Reams
For the first time ever Layla will fly, going on an educational tour to The Capitals Of The British Isles. Please help her get there!
75% $528 Funded
Funded Contributed Jun 22, 2018

Dontrese's Road to College Success

by Dontrese Brown
Help Dontrese get to Shasta College in California to pursue an academic career while playing football.
40% $450 Funded
Funded Contributed May 21, 2018
Arts, Music, Culture

Never Miss a Chance to Dance-Kaleigh Hampton

by Wendy Hampton
YPAS dance major strives to train at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Intensive.
111% $3,055 Funded
Funded Contributed Apr 13, 2018

S4S Ky Derby Charity Event

by Butch Mosby
The S4S Kentucky Derby Charity Event is organized to help increase the number of awards and to match donor giving throughout the year.
80% $12,000 Funded
Funded Contributed May 5, 2018
Arts, Music, Culture

Jamesha's Music Tour To Europe With Kentucky Ambassadors

by Butch Mosby
Jamesha is invited to travel on the Kentucky Ambassador Music Tour to Europe. Help her get there!
103% $1,710 Funded
Funded Contributed Feb 23, 2018